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801 L Bottles

Beverage Carriers

Beverage Carriers that we currently run include 4-pack baskets for 10 oz., 12 oz. and 16 oz. bottles, 6-pack baskets for 12 oz., and 16 oz. bottles and 8-pack baskets for 7 oz. bottles. We can also manufacture custom carriers to fit your unique needs.

Carriers are available printed up to 6-colors plus aqueous coating or they can also be ordered in plain white. We also manufacture carriers either printed or plain, in brown kraft for a natural look.

Carriers can be run on standard beverage board with wet strength, or board that is 100% recycled with wet-strength additives and also on virgin kraft board.

NEPA now also stocks plain carriers for your convenience.

Plain carriers that we stock include: white 6-packs for 12 oz bottles, white 4-packs for 12 oz. bottles, white 4-packs for 16 oz. bottles, brown (Kraft) 6-packs for 12 oz bottles and brown (Kraft) 4-packs for 12 oz bottles. These carriers are available either by the case or by the pallet. Please contact a sales representative for pricing information at 570-457-7711.

Folding Boxes

We specialize in Folding boxes and cartons including, one or two color chip board packers, bakery style boxes, cellophane window boxes and PVC window boxes, biers trays and auto-bottoms. Gold stamping, embossing and laminating are specialty processes that can be added to your custom package.

Custom printed retail and display boxes difficult and unusual box styles printed up to 6 colors and coating stock calipers ranging from .010 litho labels to E-flute corrugated.

Substrates we work with include SBS, clay coated, beverage board, foil board film laminated board, and E and B-flute corrugated.Products include pharmaceutical boxes, candy boxes, frozen foods, refrigerated pizza, cereal boxes, CD and DVD packaging, bakery boxes and any other type of retail boxes on the market today. Design assistance is available for your new products!

16oz 4 Pack Can Wrap

Can Wraps

NEPA Manufactures Can wraps for all of your canning needs. 4-pack, 6-pack, 12-pack, 15-pack, 20-pack and 24-pack are all available for 12 oz cans for machine filled products. We also manufacture can wraps for 16 oz. cans and sleek cans. We offer a 12-pack can wrap with an auto-bottom for hand-filled products. We have standard dies available, but we also will manufacture a custom wrap for your specific needs.